I am an avid biohacker who grew up in Netherlands. I am a certified Wim Hof Method (WHM) instructor currently based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Over the past decade, I have enjoyed travelling around the world – living, working and studying in 6 different countries. I have worked as a chef and nutrition adviser on health retreats around the world. I am currently studying psychotherapy (relational approach). I am also a Sculptor, Freediving Coach, Yoga Teacher, Movement Coach and a Youth Mentor.

I am a health nut drawn to learning and practicing a wide range of holistic philosophies and approaches to self-care, and have found WHM to be the most powerful and available tool to achieve health, happiness and strength. Having studied a range of eastern and western modalities, I use my experience to help my students translate theory into practice.

Other Facilitators:

There’s a team behind making each day a holistic experience:

Joana Ruival has been studying music, meditation, yoga, breath work, shamanic journeying and healing techniques for 20 years. She will provide live music for connecting, journeying and healing.

Sam Chambers is a Personal Trainer, athlete and bodyworker specialising in primal movement who will keep us active and alert throughout the day. Sam’s mantra is Movement, Joy, Connection.